Swansea Jazz Club is continuing the tradition of presenting weekly live jazz events in the City, which started back in 1949!


Since the return of weekly events at Swansea Jazz Club in September 2021, following the long break for COVID, it has proved to be a very difficult time making it work financially, Numbers attending events can be very up and down and most of the events have failed to break even. 

Swansea Jazz Club is entirely funded from the income recieved from ticket sales from our events.

We have recieved some sponsorship money during this period which has helped, but its proving to be a diffficult time to plan ahead and budget events going forward.

Swansea Jazzland remains the operator of the Swansea Jazz Club. The idea to revert the name back to Swansea Jazz Club came about as we approach the 75 anniversary in 2024 of Swansea Jazz Club.

Many small jazz clubs around the UK have sufferred similar financial problems in this post COVID times and have taken the decison to close. We dont wish to close the doors on weekly Jazz here in Swansea. Dave Cottle and the team fully intened to try and drive through this difficult period and move forward to the 75th anniverary of the club in 2024.

Following discussions with various supporters in interested parties we have now introduces the "Swansea Jazz Club Patron 2022"  If you are able to help to support Swansea Jazz Club get through this period.

We are offering Swansea Jazz Club Patron 2022 at £100. You can of course buy any multiples of £100 if you wish to do so!

Swansea Jazz Club Patron can be named or anonymous.

PLEASE TYPE IN "ANONYMOUS" in the special intructions at the checkout if you wish to remain anonymous.

Also if you prefer to become a patron by direct BACS payment, please email [email protected] and we can arrange to send the BACS information for payment.

We are also able to take Patron paymenent by cheque. Please make cheque payable to "SWANSEA JAZZLAND" and send to 11 Langland Court, Langland Court Road, Langland Swansea SA3 4AZ

We thank you for your support







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Swansea Jazz Club Patron 2022